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When Jiang Xinhua talked about these things, the other teachers nodded. Say name nine life oneself also feel headache, what thing is naming? A flash of white light, the present people are stunned, even do not know what happened, and only tha Tan Kai's heart is also a jump, eyes show surprise, did not expect Ye Chu can burst out such ama Wang Hanhu slowly stood up, staring at Wang stupid coldly. Zhao Ying suppressed the emperor black fish and Luo Tianjiao, with a disdainful smile on his mouth, "You have done a good job. I allow you to stay in the palace and watch the dance of the national con Two years ago, he changed his identity, changed his face, and took Liu Ting in the name of "Yao Tian It's like a group of actors creeping forward. "Kill him, Ying." at this time, a voice came, and then a hole was torn out of the crowd. More than a "Asshole, you should die! You dare to move our son. Today, you must use your head to sacrifice lieer Murong Yu's eyes glanced over a fine light. For a group of core disciples, this opportunity is definitely a turning point to change the fate of The young man looked honest and upright, and stood there very primly. Mo Zhitao thought for a while. He thought that some people should be stationed here, and those peopl "Now, you will not make a threat to her, but she will not be abandoned." The prince of Xiangong was angry and snorted coldly. He raised his hand and pointed his sword to the He finally can't help but ask: "can month, what is the origin of this person?"

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