"I've caught you so many times before I finally caught you!" "But..." Puyuan slowly vomited a tone, the mood returned to calm, thought of the ice emperor at the "Idiot, are you all right? Fight with you alone? Do you think you are shooting a fool? I tell you, f The mechanized female voice sounded again: "Mr. Gu, there is no information about the lady beside yo But it turned out that just when the accident happened, Shisheng had already stopped, and Tianchi wa The hostess's eyes stopped and swept over four or five hundred people in the VIP Hall. Of course LV Tianyi doesn't pay attention to her. With her cold eyes like golden moon, she shows the oppor However, Xiao Hua's face did not change at all. He still said in a cold voice: "if you are a man In Fengyan's opinion, it's better to fight with them. This creature, it seems, can do a lot of damage to the sphere. If you talk about fairyland or something, it should be called Oriental immortal. Chen Guang: "do you think I'm a ticket dealer?" Li Hao had no choice but to do nothing about it. Feng Yiting has seen this, and the power of Fengying, the poison in the legend, is somewhat restrain Puton is like a defeated rooster, and he has no intention of making unnecessary growls. Although Luochuan's downwind has not been able to absorb the world, it has not been able to abso Buck's mind was also turning around how to present himself! The number of gold marbles in the two bowls was more than 100000, and soon there were more than 1000

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