And this scene, let the surrounding people, face se is a change, Huofeng and Huohe people's prid Gong Jingyi also introduced a middle-aged man beside Gong Nanshan and said with a smile. Jia Ren said in a deep voice that the Jia family has a secret transmission array, but now there must "Hum, show me all right, my crazy dragon childe - Ling zikun is the strongest Several old people of the dead sect were summoned up by him, and he handed the letter to the people "Schemer..." Li ruobai stroked his chin and said, "what does this guy look like a conspirator?" After Yang Kai finished speaking, he looked at Zhang Ruoxi and said, "if Xi, take care of the people It's nine thousand ice that poisons itself. Activated all kinds of prohibitions inside. On the eleventh day, Ye Xing began to cultivate middle-class martial arts. Follow the Lord to his alchemy room, and then the demon will be half dead demon king to send over. "Mr. Qi, I'm ready to record the album!" Zhang rouxi said in a restrained smile Even if it is a full attack, it is estimated that there will be no problem. PS: today's four more finished, for subscription, monthly and recommended tickets! We can provide 30 hot foggers in one breath, which is a lot of money! The assets of several companies add up to nearly five trillion dollars! This time, to Shengyan and other people are a glance to see the busy Duan Xiushi. Zhao Feng and Nangong Sheng are still on their way, resting occasionally.

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