"Unparalleled war, the first battle is over, and the winner is born with a Qi clan Hunyuan! Kim s è's hair was light, and banner remembered how charming the fragrance was. "What do you mean, my lord?" asked the queen of the sea of blood You can't get beaten for nothing. You have to go to the police station to report Fang Yingwu. "A lot of cars went to the hospital from under us last night. There should be a lot of wounded peopl Green mark has been living here for many years. He has established his own influence here. He has hi If it is used once, the power of the heart of the earth shaking seal will be consumed in an instant. This group of practitioners, for a moment, are jealous of going crazy. This knife is similar to "cutting in the wind". When you cut it with a knife, there is no fancy and It is impossible for an army to build a town by relying on materials alone. However, all the people of the ancient tribe were deeply wounded and seriously disabled. Moreover, t The bloody figure flashed a look of anger at the bottom of his eyes, but then long Aotian's word Xingliuyu's jinyuanzhen sword has a terrible attack power, but it can't exert its power unde Even if Xu Zheng and Chang Ziqing don't care about her, ye Shangfei will definitely target her. A bull headed man snorted coldly, and he was the absolute commander of Wu fried. It can be imagined that this time the singularity giant Fawei, is how to attract the eyes of countle When he took two steps forward, he was able to take another step forward. However, he felt that he w With both hands dancing, Su Hao aimed at his eyes.

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